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My name is Joy.

This blog is a chronicle of my wanderings and ponderings.

I’m a doctoral candidate.

I study the role of the affections and the arts in moral formation. Too academic? I think that to become good people we must learn to love goodness, and that art helps us do that.

I think it’s very exciting, and that it will change the world. Obviously.

I’m American but live in Scotland.

I study at St. Andrews University on the often misty and sometimes sparkling coast of the North Sea. I am on a mission to discover whether fairies, kelpies, and unicorns are in fact real. 

I host a podcast

In my podcast I talk about good art and I tell stories about my life in Scotland.  

I love and play music

My brother (who also lives in Scotland) and I make music together in our band Two Benedictions. You can find out more about our music on our Patreon page (see below), or you can find our music anywhere music is sold. 


I like getting letters.

If you have questions, inquiries, or magical poems you think I should read, please feel free to send me an email at thejoynessthebrave@gmail.com.