This morning I lay in bed and asked myself, "why must I get out of bed?". But I knew it was what the day required of me, so I got up anyway. Then, as i was going about my day I thought to myself, "why must I be kind to people who annoy me out of my wits?" , but I knew I should, so I was kind anyway. And at last, I found myself, at the end of the day, with a great peice of chocolate cake in front of me. I asked myself, "why should I eat this cake?" But I realized it was because I could, so I did anyway. This Evening I lay in bed, and I thought, "Why should I believe in God?", and I realized, it was not because I was required to, or because I should, or because I could, It was because I could not survive a day without him. The assuring knowledge that I am here for a purpose. That He is my answer. And that is why.