God wrote a song... And I wanted you to hear it too.

We walked down pathways carpeted with the golden leaves of aspens. It was so beautiful we could almost imagine we were walking on the very streets of the new Jerusalem. The wind rushed through in a glorious song, making the brown grass dance to the beauty of it all. Cold crept into our faces and made our noses red. We trudged up and up through bright pathways until we reached the summit.

The valley lay before us, a symphony of colors, singing it's song for the whole world to hear... But no one was there to see it but us. The mountain stood mighty and tall. I like to think of the many years it's stood there. Through storms, and wars, and lifetimes. But still it stands. It reminds me of the constance of God. My soul is comforted.

Just like it says in Isaiah, the trees clapped there hands. Every single golden one of them.

Oh.... It was beautiful. And it is beautiful!

My momma took me up to see this aspens today because she had seen them a couple of days ago, and said I simply couldn't miss them.

"God wrote a song, Joy! And I wanted you to hear it too!", she told me, while chomping on apples and potato chips on a rock at the summit. And as we hiked through the mountains, I knew what she meant. I simply couldn't take in all the beauty. It was like God had painted this masterpeice, composed this symphony... And at the top of the mountain, my mom and I got to hear it. It seems sometimes like we just simply don't notice. We drive around in our little cars, listen to our music, think our thoughts... and we never notice that there is a tangible real holy God who created the starts in the heavens, the mighty mountains, the falling leaves...

If I could encourage you in anything today.. I would say this... LISTEN! God's speaking!

If you ever doubt God's existence, go out into His wild and wait. There, in the quiet and stillness and wildness you will know He is real. As it says in Romans 1:20...

"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse."

Creation cries out that he is real and true.

I pray that today, you may know his true beauty. That in his magnificent creation... you will feel His divine breath against you. To truly know His reality. His Glory.

This is my... ahem.... windblown look

My and my cutest of all mommas.... all bundled up. :)