Joyness the dreamer (and I mean the asleep kind)

I have been having the WEIRDEST dreams lately... maybe I'm really tired? Maybe I'm eating before I sleep? Maybe my sub conscience is overworked? I don't know. But... they're just really weird. In the last week I've dreamed about; murder mysteries, pro football players (those two were in the same dream), Wearing bathing suits in the snow, theater criticism, and... Marmots.

For your entertainment, I include my latest dream.

It was a sunny summer day and my sister and I decided it would be a great day to hunt Marmots (it made sense in my dream...). So we went to friendly looking bridge and started our hunt. Did you know that in my dreamworld, marmots live in the water? Well, they do. Unfortunately, all we could find were weasels. This was very disappointing to us, so we decided to give up hunting marmot, and fish instead. So someone gave us this big black stick and we started spearing fish. We were pretty good at it too. We speared one, which a very nice gentleman went and retrieved for us. It was apparently a "princess fish", which was the very nicest kind of fish we could ever find in this pond. We were very pleased. But in all our confusion and excitement, we knocked a man over with our fish-spearing-stick. Silly us.

The dream then took a turn for the literary, and I was living out "To Kill a Mockingbird", I was scout, and ... get this... Gus from "Psych" was Tom Robinson. It was royally depressing, and Shawn (whom I think was Atticus... isn't that just un-holy?) couldn't think of a way to get Gus out. So he died. I was most upset.

So. That's what I dreamed last night. I can't decided if it's awesome to have such vivid dreams, or awful. But, eh. It is what it is.

So tell me.. Do you have strange dreams?

Love and all that,

Joyness the dreamer.