Snowy Days and God's Parties!

Hello, World!

In the photo below... you will discover Kelsey--my fat old pup-- looking most discontented with the snow... this picture makes me giggle. 


It's a cold cozy day, perfect for tea drinking and book reading! I'm sniffly and a bit sick... but somehow I don't mind! If one's going to be sick, it should be on a day when one can make the worse of it after all! And so I have been dramatically sniffing and drinking far too much tea. I have had to use a great deal of self discipline to get anything productive done... but somehow it seems like a  good day not to get anything done.

I think the most lovely thing about today is just getting to slow down, and to have time to notice. And to think. I spent the morning listening to beautiful music, and watching the snow flakes dance in the air. Everything seems charmed this morning, as though a fairy snuck into my world. Making all the shadows play games on the walls, making the outside world particularly lovely, making my brother seem more lovable than ever. Tea tastes better, buttered toast is just heavenly... and the whole world is a poem! 

But perhaps... it was a poem all along! And I just didn't notice until now. I think that's often how it is. Life has a million beautiful little things sitting around, trying to be noticed. But in my rush and hurry to get homework done, apply for colleges and honors programs, pack, practice speeches and all that... I just glaze right over them. I'm grateful for life in a broad way! Glad to breath, glad to love people. But it's on days like today that I notice the beautiful detail that God has put in every day. And it makes me peacefully glad. 

It's like God throws a party for us (life), and of course we are grateful for the grand scheme of things... but did we notice the little details? The special cake? The candles? The "just right" punch? The flowers? When we glaze through life not noticing things... we miss the intimate little details that make God so interesting. He doesn't just plop us on the earth and hope we turn out all right... He puts beautiful things, suited just for us, every single day. Whether is be dancing snow, vibrant music, fuzzy puppies... these little dear things are what speak of God's care for us. 

Today I am resolute not to just notice the grand scheme, but the little touches. I think I feel like I know God better when I do that. I hope you notice God's perfect little details today! 

Much love, many blessings, and DRINK SOME TEA FOR GOODNESS SAKES!