They won't shut up!

They won't shut up! They can't keep quiet!


All day long they pour forth speech. The rocks...


the trees...



the oceans.


"God! God made us! God is Holy! You better worship Him!"

A constant monologue of His Righteousness.


The rocks say "He is Hope!"

The mountains cry out "He is Strong!"


The sea proclaims "His love is deep!"

Ever louder their shouts resound, bouncing from equator to equator, shaking the earth to its gaseous core. A resounding symphony, cacophony, child's cry, from the creation to the creator.

And how could I not respond?


"Yes!" I cry out "Yes! You are my hope oh God, my confidence from my youth! My mouth shall tell of your righteousness and salvation all day long! I shall declare that YOU. ARE. GOD. "

And so my voice joins the eternal echo, the song of the ages. Will you join as well?

(Reflections on Psalm 71 and 19)