[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3o3nozeGx8[/embed] It rained today, so of course I wrote a song about it. Do you love rain as much as I do?

Lyrics: It rains and I remember Some part of me I left behind. It pats the tender the soil tender In the garden of my mind.

Rain, old friend. Life, growth, peace, come near me.

My soul breathes deep of memories, Some still yet to come. Yet vivid they draw near me, As down the roof the raindrops run.

Rain, old friend. Rain, old friend. Rain, old friend. Rain, peace, growth come near me.

There is some solemn magic That the cool wind rushes in. A spell clean, fair and tragic, That crawls beneath my skin.

Rain, old friend, Come again.