Suitcases and Songs

Hi. I leave in one day. I am not packed. Help me.

In the last 24 hours I have suddenly realized that I must pack all that I will need for life, clothing, and homey comfort in two small bags. NBD. I detest packing too much, and fear packing too little, and so naturally I scrutinize over every article of clothing, book, and random piece of decoration I need. As I look through my closet, I find myself picking out all my old favorites, classic necessities, and then running into that burgundy embroidered shirt I haven’t worn in six months. 

I don’t need this, I think at first. I haven’t worn this in 6 months!

This should be the end of it, but I am suddenly overwhelmed with the realization of how adorable this top is. 

How on EARTH have I not worn this more often? I must bring it. I will be so disappointed if I don’t. 

This would not be a problem if it only occurred with that one isolated burgundy embroidered shirt. However, I suddenly find myself drawn to the teal blouse, and the striped dress... and then, before I know it, my whole closet is pulled out and lying on my bed, while the two smalltinyittybitty suitcases look at with me with their mouths open as if to say: we, like Harvard, will only 6.1 % of applicants. Choose wisely.


Pray for me. 

Instead of packing Joel and I have been playing the piano. I already posted it, but here is one of our most recent endeavors... I do love Ed Sheeran. Like it? Share it:

"Tenerife Sea" by Ed Sheeran