8 Things More Fun than Writing a Paper

boromir-opening-sentence-essay Hello, World!

How are you all today?

I’m currently sitting with a blank page in front of me, about 15 hours of research behind me, and 2,240 words left to write. Daunting but doable.

Maybe I’m in denial...


It is always at this moment, that I am suddenly struck by how exciting the world is, and by how many other auspicious things I could be doing instead of sitting in communal kitchen frantically footnoting sources.

Am I alone in this experience?

I think not, and so I have taken it upon myself to write down the  8 things that currently seem more exciting than writing a paper.

You may think I am procrastinating, but I am not! I am only posting a very important list of things. Very important.



1. Taking serial cartoon selfies on Photobooth, expressing your deepest feelings about scholarship, exhaustion, and chocolate.

Oh dear! Whatever shall I write about?

I can't... I don't... thoughts are hard....

WAIT! I haz idea.

Let me get my notebook to write it down!

Got notebook. Wait... what was the idea?

;alkns.gv,mz .å≥ßklntn;lkn1

2. Watching full length videos of outrageously talented people’s concerts on Youtube. 

It's amazing how many artists have full versions of their concerts online... and some with really high quality! How can one be expected to write papers when there's richness of music to be mined in the depths of youtube?

3. Eating: 

Having just laboriously birthed a clear intellectual idea, I am suddenly taken by the realization that I am really hungry. Though process goes like this:

To eat first or to write? That is the question.

And then, what to eat? Chocolate or toast? 

That is the other question. 

Hmm... I think I’ll get toast. That’s more healthy, or... something.

*10 minutes later, toast in tow**

Wait, what was that great intellectual idea again? Something about history and cultural myth and poems... and... darnit! 2

4. Writing a blog.

It’s amazing how many deep ideas I’m having right now about everything EXCEPT World War One poetry.

5. Google searching “fluffy baby animals.”  

Exhibit A:

Cute scared puppy


3rd cup. But, no really. Tea is necessary for deep thoughts. I’m sure there’s some study out about that... right?

7. Facebook.

...Otherwise known as the blackhole where productivity goes to die.

8. Building a fort.

This was not my idea, and was suggested to me by someone sitting with me. I thought it was a particularly good idea, so I added it.


I suppose it really is time to get back to writing. In all seriousness, I am delighted and honored to have the opportunity to study and stretch my abilities here. The spirit is willing, but the intellect is distractible.

So, onward to Owen!

And to all my fellow-frantic-paper-writing-friends, I wish you intricate outlines, swift-typing-fingers, nuanced analysis, and quickly rising word counts.

Peace, Love,