IMG_3648Hello, World! This week my friend Rebecca and I went on an adventure. Spoiler: We went to Ireland. It was quite an adventure.. They say pictures are worth a thousand words... So instead of my usual verbosity, here's 20,000 words. Actually just 20 pictures. And a few words in between. IMG_3703 We had quite a time getting to Ireland. Our day seemed to be evidence for the validity of Murphy's law. When we finally got on the plane, they told us we got a window seat... you can see by Becca's face that their idea of "window seat" was perhaps a bit different from our own. We couldn't stop giggling. IMG_3739 One of the first places we saw was Saint Patrick's Cathedral... as you can probably tell, we were just really excited to actually  have made it to Ireland. IMG_3712This small stone commemorates the first baptisms in Ireland. It was humble, covered in earth, almost easy to overlook. It seemed strange to me that it would be so small.. and yet all of Ireland seems a testament to Patrick's influence on Ireland. It was a quiet and simple reminder to me that God uses the weak to shame the strong. IMG_3716

Trinity Library was one of my favorite stops. I could almost hear the countless voices of centuries echoing in the halls of books, many bound before the printing press was made. IMG_3714 And they had the coolest staircases EVER... IMG_3723 The street artists and musicians were amazing. IMG_3743 This man was playing the hammer dulcimer. It has such a haunting celtic vibe. For a taste of its beauty here is a video of Rich Mullins, one of my all time favorite musicians, playing the nicene creed. [embed][/embed] IMG_3741 Half way through the day we met two lovely friends. As you can tell, we were all very excited about being in Ireland. IMG_3742"Dublin is a city of chancers and cheaters and back stabbing snakes." Can you name the movie? ... You got it. "Leap Year." This is the bridge from a scene near the end of the movie.

The real Mr. Darcy

FUN FACT: This man, Thomas Lefroy, was the basis for Jane Austen's character of Mr. Darcy. They fell in love while staying at a mutual friend's home. His family thought Jane was too poor and separated them. No wonder Austen could write so many dramatic novels... she seemed to have lived them! I must say, I think Collin Firth has him beat in looks.

Rebecca looking pensive...

The next day, we hopped on a train and simply trained up and down the lovely coast of Ireland.


We found this sign along the way. It made me laugh.

From the train...

The coast stole my heart... IMG_3761 We had a picnic on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean and hills. I could have sat there for the whole day. There was a sweeping beauty that seemed to have a deep wisdom in it. I wish I could have stayed longer to hear what it would have said to me. IMG_3768 Mother nature graciously added to our picnic with these lovely wild blackberries that were growing on the cliff. IMG_3760Apparently the elves lived in Ireland. Yet another reason its delightful. IMG_3781 After a long day of adventuring, Rhubarb pie and lattes hit the spot.

Goodbye Ireland...

Well, there are some of the highlights of my most recent adventure. I want very much to go back someday. Well, it's back to the academic grindstone! I can hardly complain, though, as about to go read a novel for my tutorial. Much love, Joyness