I buried thee in my stomach

I've said I'd be back posting every Monday... and I've already missed a Monday! I blame it on food poisoning and procrastination. Mostly the first.

Not having time for a long post, here is a little poemish thing I wrote last year after graduating. It is a jotted rumination on a year in which much happened, with little time to dwell, process, and catch up. Perhaps you have felt the same before.

Luckily, this year has given me some of that space.

The weeks and months have indeed come out in silence.


I buried thee in my stomach

June 18, 2015

I buried weeks and months in my stomach.

I said,


Be still!

I will attend to thee in due time.

So in they marched:

fears and farewells,

friends and futures,

sadnesses and gladnesses,

prayers and supplications.

And I marched:

across the stage,

across the country,

and across the threshold.

And all the while the little fellows grew,

till I was a WHALE with them.

And now, I want them out.

But I am too small to let them out my mouth now.

They won't come out in sentences anymore,

they must come out