Fourth of July

Friends,I don't have much of a post today because I spent today walking in the parade with llamas, handing out bottles of water with my church in my our tiny town's parade.

What are you doing today?

I hope you're....

Hugging your family.

Eating corn on the cob.

Getting sunburned.

Tying bandanas on your dog's neck (much to its chagrin).

Thinking about big ideas like freedom, responsibility, bravery, sacrifice, community and diversity.

Watching the West Wing. #Bartlett2016 

Slurping up too much watermelon.

Thinking about the family history that lead you to this great old melting pot/salad bowl of a country. 

Feeling thankful. 

Grilling in the back yard. 

Watching sparkling fireworks rain in the sky with an appropriate sense of wonder and delight. 

Saying prayers that this old republic of ours will continue in virtue. 

In short, I hope you have a beautiful Fourth of July.