Packing in Haiku

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For this detailed deprived idealist, packing is a challenge only to be mastered with a great, great deal of tea. This weeks' packing struggle has been epic, and I have won. The only appropriate way I could think of expressing the battle was through the honored art of haiku.

Packing in Haiku

A carpet of clothes

Drawers of good intention

An empty suitcase


Too many sweaters

Lonely, single, patterned socks

Not near enough books


Chocolate I once loved

Now a part of my suitcase

*sigh* And so it goes


Sell your things and give

Administrative nightmare

And yet appealing


So that’s where you’ve been

You elusive sweater, you

Not a fan now :(


This will be easy

I said before the undoing

Please sit on this case


Toil and tight zippers

Begetting a journeys birth

Adventures begin