Episode Three: Thanksgiving! (i.e. Food)

1. Literary

An Ode to Cheese - Malcolm Guite

This is a lovely book of poetry for all moods of the liturgical year (advent, Christmas, lent, easter, ordinary time, etc!). It's lovely, meaningful, yet also accessible poetry that will fill your soul and make you think. I highly recommend it. 

The Singing Bowl
By Malcolm Guite

The title poem of this book is one of my favourites, and I quoted it a few posts back! Definitely worth a read!

Fellowship of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

I am of the opinion that everyone ought to read Lord of the Rings at some point in their life, and what better time to begin than heading into the holidays? This book is full of feasting, walking, and reckoning with good and evil. Also particularly delightful for read-alouds by the fire  in this cold season. 

2. Visual

Kiss Me and You'll Kiss the Lasses - Lilly Martin Spencer (1822-1902) 

Kiss me.jpg

"You fool!" she seems to say, "Don't come near me! There are potatoes to be mashed!"

3. Musical

Honest Song - Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen

I really enjoy some of Noah Gundersen's early acoustic work. It is thoughtful and achey and human. For listeners with little ones, do avoid the last track (Family), as it contains some language. 

This was the project I worked on with my mother! 

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