Ashlee Cowles — Enneagram in Friendship


Personality differences are an unavoidable reality of life, but embracing them can lead to growth. Friends love us as we are, with all our personalities quirks included, and they also gently call us toward growth and balance.

Welcome back to the Girls’ Club Podcasts Series!

How can we accept each other's personality quirks and help each other grow? That is what Joy and Ashlee discuss in this week's podcast which touches on friendship between extroverts and introverts, Enneagram, Myers Briggs, and so much more! 

Ashlee is a novelist, an adventurer, a mom and a kindred spirit.

For the last five years or so, we’ve been chasing each other’s shadows. First, she went to St Andrews, and I followed a few years later, narrowly missing her. Then she joined the Anselm Society, which I joined slightly later, only for her to depart off to Michigan. We’ve rarely gotten to be in the same place for very long, but we cherish many of the same things and we get along like a house on fire! :-)

Oh, and did I mention she is the author of Beneath Wandering Stars? It’s a book about a girl from a military family who travels the Camino Santiago. I read it two summers and was engrossed and delighted. Such a scrumptious delight!

Beneath Wandering Stars
By Ashlee Cowles
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I loved doing this podcast with Ashlee.

I won’t ruin much more of it for you because you should listen to it!

Here’s a little taste of what we talked about:

  • an overview of the enneagram and how it can be a tool for self and others-knowledge

  • how Our personalities shape our friendships

  • how loving people with personalities different than ours can help us grow and change

  • how true friends both love us as we are (with all our personality quirks!) and call us toward growth and wholeness.

Listen to all this and more at the link above (or below!)

Oh, and by the way. I had originally planned to use this as a Secret Podcast for my Patreon, but I thought it was too good to hide its light under a bushel! However, you can find You Are Creative, Ashlee’s guide to creativity for each of the Enneagram types by supporting me on Patreon. There’s lots of other fun rewards this month on Patreon, so if you’re interested, try it out for the month

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