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In our friends, we see the image of God reflected to us, revealing something about God we could never have discovered alone.

Welcome to the Girls’ Club Podcasts Series!

In support of our upcoming book Girls’ Club, my mom, sister Sarah, and I have been hard at work recording interviews with women we admire on the topic of friendship in an isolated world. These interviews have convicted and inspired me. I’ve walked away from each session with a renewed sense of the delight, profundity, and necessity of friendship in our lives. It is something we should protect, pursue, give thanks for. It is radically counter-cultural. It is a pressing issue, and a universal calling. It is how God made us to flourish— in relationship and community. I’ve been so excited to share these podcasts with you!

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This week, I had the great pleasure of talking with Katelyn Beaty.


Katelyn is a remarkable woman.

I first encountered her when I was a Senior at Biola University. She came and spoke at Biola’s chapel and I though I want to be like her! At that time, she had just launched Her.menuetics, and become Christianity Today’s youngest— and first female!— managing editor. Later that year, she interviewed me and a group of friends at Oxford for her book A Woman’s Place: a Christian Vision for your Calling in the Office, the Home, and the World. I admired how much she had already managed to pack into her life, but also the eloquence, gentility, and intelligence with which she did it.

So you can imagine what a pleasure it was to finally get to chat with Katelyn, especially about a topic I’m so passionate about: women’s friendship!

I won’t say too much more, because you should listen to the podcast.

As a preview, these are a few of the things we discussed…

  • why we're all lonely in the modern world

  • what friendship looks like when you’re in different phases of life (married, single, working, college, etc.)

  • how to form friendships that last the test of time

  • how the church needs to make more room for single people

  • how special it is to be a godparent, and how we need to make more spaces for committed, covenant relationships that aren’t marriage

  • how our different callings reveal God’s glory

I think you all will really enjoy this one! In my humble opinion, it’s full of gold!

You can listen in to the podcast at the green audio box above or below!

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Friendship is like a garden— it must be tended, nurtured, weeded, and cultivated. And with Girls’ Club Experience we hope to give you the tools to cultivate a beautiful garden of friendship. This book is meant to be used either with a friend or with a group of friends. It contains activities and reflections meant to help you draw close to your friends and to help each other grow. I think you’ll love it!

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