Welcome to my summer book club, friends!

If you’re just joining us now, let me catch you up. This summer we’re reading Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton, and this week we’re on chapter five, “The Flag of the World.” This book is a collection of essays in which Chesterton, a socialist journalist, essayist, and mystery novelist at the turn of the twentieth century, explains how he came to believe in the Christian faith. It is a raucous intellectual adventure, an intellectual and spiritual autobiography which combines the style of Augustine’s Confessions with postmodern pastiche. One friend described reading the book as “doing intellectual push ups while chortling.” It will make you laugh, learn, and think.

This is how the book club works: each week you read the assigned chapter by Tuesday, I put out a podcast on said chapter, and then, the folllowing day, you engage in discussion on either my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

You can find the book for free on Project Gutenberg or at the link below.

This week, I’m on the road, so there will be no show notes.

Listen to the podcast to hear my thoughts!


An Exciting Announcement…

Speaking with Joy is coming to Colorado!

Come join me for an evening of Goodness, Beauty, and Live Music, featuring Joel Clarkson and the Two Benedictions!

Does cultivating a love of beauty really matter in our urgent, broken world? This is the question Joy and Joel will explore in this creative, soul-filling event. In the style of her podcast, Speaking with Joy, Joy and Joel will explore this question through short talks about cultivating a deep soul, the difference between wisdom and knowledge, and living a life of resilient hope. These inspirational segments will be interwoven with musical interludes, with Joel Clarkson's beautiful compositions, dramatic readings, and a mini concert with the Two Benedictions (Joy and Joel's band). This evening is guaranteed to lift your spirits and inspire your heart.

Refreshments will be provided in the fellowship hall at 7PM, and the main event will begin at 7:30PM. While all ages are welcome, no childcare will be provided.

You can buy tickets here. General Admission are $20, but Anselm Society Members and my supporters on Patreon will get tickets for $15. Sign up soon while seats are available!

Can’t wait to see you there!

p.s. coming soon: tickets for North Carolina events.


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Joy Clarkson