NEW PODCAST and GIVEAWAY — Speaking with Joy Live

All the glory that the Lord has made and the complications we could do without...
— Sufjan Stevens, "Casimir Pulaski Day"

Speaking with Joy is back!

After a summer book club and a September hiatus, I am thrilled to announce that Speaking with Joy is back in business, recording podcasts, and thinking about beautiful things (I’m always doing this, actually, but you know what I mean). To launch this season, I’m sharing some of the recordings from my Speaking with Joy Live events this summer. This audio is from our Colorado show, and I’m joined by my excellent brother Joel. Unfortunately, my singing vocal track didn’t come through, so I’ve included studio tracks of our music where the live versions would have been.  

The evening centred around the question of why beauty matters in a broken world.

I hope it fills your soul!

I know being with all of you inspired mine. 

Get ready for a new season of Speaking with Joy!


As we get ready to begin a new season, I thought I might take a moment to remind you all of the best ways to keep up with Speaking with Joy

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    Oh, and yes: I’m working on putting it up on Spotify!

2. Patreon:

Chai Latte… oh so delicious!

Chai Latte… oh so delicious!

Patreon is a way of supporting me and getting more out of the podcast. Each month I post a newsletter, booklist, playlists, secret podcasts, and whatever else strikes my fancy! (For instance: a lovely chai latte recipe sent to me by Katie Clinge!). It’s also a place for you to discuss the podcast, books, life etc. with other patrons on a more private forum. I feel I can be more personal and less polished in this space, and have been delighted and surprised by what a fun and soul filling space it has become for me. You can become a supporter for $2 or $10 a month, and there’s more info about that on the page itself.

3. A Scottish Giveaway!

Screenshot 2019-09-17 15.21.38.png

I thought it would be fun to celebrate a new season by hosting a Scottish Giveaway!

I will send a package full of literary and tasty Scottish treats to whoever wins this little give away.

To enter:

  • make sure you’re following me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (whichever applies to you!)

  • Tag a friend in the comments on the post that will be titled NEW PODCAST AND GIVEAWAY (I’ll put one on each social)

    if you don’t have social media, just send the podcast to a friend and then send me an email at

I’ll announce the winner on next week’s episode!

Photo on 17-09-2019 at 15.29 #2.jpg

Well, friends,

from my Scottish coffee shop to your corner of the world: much love! And I can’t wait to begin a new season with you all.



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